The Case of the Missing Toad is an upcoming Trackmaster episode.


Whilst Oliver is pulling a passenger train, Toad is borrowed by Emily. When she has delivered her timber to an old abandoned station, the coupling between Toad and the trucks break and Toad, who is asleep at the time, is left behind at the old inlet.

Next day, Oliver thinks that Duck must have borrowed Toad, but it is soon clear that Toad is not with Duck. Meanwhile at the inlet, Henry arrives with some gravel and knocks Toad into an old shed by accident. In the process, one of Henry's trucks derail, but he has to leave quickly for his next train.

Oliver is sent to the inlet to rescue the derailed truck when the driver and fireman discover Toad in the old shed. When they return home, there is a big welcome for Toad the Brakevan!

Featured CharactersEdit

  • Oliver
  • Toad
  • Emily
  • Henry
  • The Fat Controller
  • Duck (does not speak)



  • Mark Moraghan as the narrator
  • Keith Wickham as Henry and The Fat Controller
  • Teresa Gallagher as Emily
  • Joe Mills as Oliver and Toad


  • Mark Moraghan as the narrator
  • Kerry Shale as Henry and The Fat Controller
  • Jules de Jongh as Emily
  • Joe Mills as Oliver and Toad

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