Tornado is a diesel-electric engine which is the newest engine on the NWR.


Tornado was built in 2004 by Motive Power Inc. for the Northeast Illinois Commuter Railroad Corporation,or Metra,but crashed on it's first day and was sold to a salvage-dealer whch sold him to the LMSNWR.He was left on a siding near Crovan's Gate and feared he would become like the famous Master of the Rails he had heard about.But luckily,a month later,some workmen came to take him to the Works and restore him.He was re-built as a B-A1A instead of B-B,and was repainted Blue with a white stripe in the middle with red lining.He works on the Mainline.


Tornado is based on a modified MPI MPXpress,type MP36PH-3S.


  • Tornado has 9 coaches that he always brings on trips,Fred,Ted,Sed,Ned,Jed,Led,Roy,Jackie,and Jamie. However,he brings more than 16 coaches on his trips,along with three unnamed baggage cars and his caboose,Ray.
  • He has a major rivalry with Gordon.

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