Wendy a tender engine. She is Emily's substitute when Thomas and Emily go to the other railway to search for new engines. When she arrived, Stanley took a shine to her. After Thomas and Emily's return with the new engines, Wendy was allowed to stay. When Wendy first arrived on Sodor, Stanley fell in love with her. He was too nervous to speak to her, so Thomas, Percy, and Emily tried to do something about it. Stanley ran away in humiliation, but Wendy followed him. Stanley admitted his feelings to Wendy, and the two engines both fell in love. Wendy is NWR no. 20. She is based on the LSWR Class T9 4-4-0 No. 30120. She is painted purple with yellow stripes and the words "North Western" and the number "20" on her tender sides. Her friends are Stanley, Emily and Molly. She works on Thomas' branchline.